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The federal Climate Change Water Working Group (CCAWWG) provides engineering and scientific collaborations in support of water management under a changing climate. It is an effective working-level forum that fosters communication and research partnerships around these needs across the water and science communities of practice.

Managing water resources is a mission shared by many federal, state, tribal, and local agencies and stakeholder groups. Understanding how climate variability and change will affect future hydrologic conditions (e.g. water supply, water demands, water quality, floods, and aquatic ecosystems); and identifying adaptation strategies to manage risks is a shared priority across these entities. Understanding shared priorities, building working relationships, and bringing capabilities together across the federal/non-federal spectrum is central to building solutions that have impact.

CCAWWG Objectives

  • Build "working-level" relationships across federal science and water management agencies.
  • Provide a forum to share expertise and leverage resources across agencies to meet common needs.
  • Work with the water management community to understand their science needs.
  • Foster collaborative efforts across the federal/non-federal water management and science communities to address these needs in ways that capitalize on interdisciplinary expertise, share information, avoid duplication, and accelerate the application of climate information.
  • Support applying climate information to climate adaptation in ways that are consistent with current scientific knowledge.
  • Develop education and training forums that help the water resource community of practice use climate information.

How CCAWWG Operates

CCAWWG working-level collaboration informs and is coordinated with higher level interagency activities such as the Global Change Research Program, Council of Environmental Quality- Interagency Climate Change Adaptation Task Force, and the Committee on Environment and Natural Resources - Subcommittee on Water Availability and Quality.


Participating Agencies

History of CCAWWG

Current CCAWWG and Participating Agency Activities

Climate Change and Water Working Group Fact Sheet
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