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Climate Science to Engineering Operations for Watershed Management: A CCAWWG Workshop for Scientists, Engineers, and Water Resource Managers
August 25-27, 2015

The purpose of this workshop is to bring together scientists, engineers, and water resource managers, working collaboratively to review and discuss the research and applications begun since 2011 that can help CCAWWG agencies address their current goals for mainstreaming climate change information into their mission activities; present and share different perspectives on recurring and emerging needs for climate science and climate change information which impede that mainstreaming today, and help CCAWWG articulate those needs for its planned updated assessment of its partners information needs; and provide attendees with a fuller scope and context for their mainstreaming work within their agencies while working also in the larger, common and collective contexts of climate change and variability. More. . .

2nd Annual Progress Meeting on Reclamation Climate and Hydrology Research
January 29-30, 2014

More than 100 in-person and remote participants attended a workshop focused on collaborative Reclamation and CCAWWG projects addressing climate change impacts on hydrology. Day one focused on impacts from short-term climate variability - from floods to droughts. Day two focused on long-term impacts under climate change. More. . .

Annual Progress Meeting on Reclamation Climate and Hydrology Research
October 3, 2012

More than 80 participants attended a workshop focused on collaborative CCAWWG projects addressing climate change impacts on hydrology, with special focus on flood hydrology and extreme storm events. Projects were discussed under three themes. More. . .

Assessing a Portfolio of Approaches for Producing Climate Change Information to Support Adaptation Decisions
November 9-10, 2010

More than 70 participants attended the Boulder 'Portfolio of Approaches' workshop, hosted by the Climate Change and Water Working Group (CCAWWG) in Boulder, CO. The objective of the workshop was to consider how to assess methods for producing and using climate science and climate change effects information for water resource-related adaptation decisions. More. . .

Workshop on Nonstationarity, Hydrologic Frequency Analysis, and Water Management
January 13-15, 2010

The Boulder, CO workshop was held to discuss in detail how water management agencies should plan and manage water resources in the face of nonstationarity, and to form a coordinated action plan to help the agencies move forward. The workshop was organized into several main themes. More. . .


Mangrove Trees

Mangrove Trees

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